Download and Convert Video - FFmpeg 4.2.1 - Code Revision 10.5


--no-check-certificate  (place before url in command line version)

Note 1: November update of Dailymotion has a regression involving cookies so I use here the October files.

Note 2: If a file stops downloading without giving an error, press the back button and
download again,
and it will restart where it left off.

Note 3: The software is only guaranteed to work on PCs, Laptops and powerfull smartphones.
New files may not download. The software is often updated to overcome this.

Note 4: The default option downloads videos in their original uploaded formats.

Note 5: MP4 extraction should be avoided for big files if the default download format is MKV.
If the output reads: Converting video from .MKV to .MP4, you can go back and redownload
with MPG conversion, a good alternative not included in the original code.

Note 6: Only 5 downloaded files remain stored on the server. When you download a 6th file,
the 1st one is automatically deleted. The file name shown proves this point.

(*) New videos normally have mkv or mp4 extension.

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