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In seeking financial support for this site through AdSense I found out that I was violating some one's copyright. Normally that is associated with audio files, so I decided to eliminate those. I don't think it will make much difference since people normally don't care for audio files. In the mean time audio files are still extractable through the old html file, which I don't provide.

If you really want to extract sound, use the command line version of youtube-dl or edit the multimedia.html file. The missing code is:

I might submit for AdSense again in the future. In the mean time I had the idea of a Donte PayPal button, but had already heard that PayPal does not provide a Donate button anymore, but since I continue to see those buttons, with a little twist and turn of the code I managed to do the trick. The code is very simple, but you will only see it after a successful download.

Why do you have a donate button with this crisis?, you may ask. First, I need to make this site pay for itself otherwise sooner or latter I will have to give it up. Second, the donte button is not intrusive, you will only see it at the end, and lastly, so as not to sound like I am begging for something, I will answear any thechnical question about sound and video, and C and Python programming on the internet to anyone making a 1 euro donation.

If there is a good question and I manage to give it a good answer, I will post it in the forum. If I get too many questions I will have to raise the price otherwise I won't cope.

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